Since the passing of PPACA in 2010, we have seen so many changes, (almost daily) with the implementation. Our members have clients that have literally shut their doors due to this legislation.  With that said, our members continue to fight this battle and stay involved so they can in turn keep their clients involved in all aspects of the regulations they need to be following.  

AAHU had substantial growth in our state this past year, adding 22 new members and are very proud of our members for their recruitment efforts as well as retention efforts in keeping the members we currently have. Capital Conference in Washington DC was a huge success for NAHU this year. With over 800 attendees from across the country, we definitely made an impact on legislative efforts pending in both the House and Senate. Our state took 6 members along with another scholarship recipient, Cole Howie from the University of Alabama who was the winner of the AAHU Scholarship for Capital Conference. It’s always a pleasure to take these students with us to Washington and we look forward to that lasting relationship with the Insurance Society at the University of Alabama headed up by Dr. William Rabel.

As we recognize our “Jewels and Gems” members this year we have 7% of our membership in the 25+ years category and 20% of our membership with over 5 years sustained membership which is a true testament to the loyalty of our members. Additionally this year we want to recognize Walt Barnes who has been a member for over 50 years !! Our members realize the importance and value of their NAHU membership.  

Lastly on behalf of the entire membership and Board of Trustees, I would like to especially thank Todd Boozer, our AAHU President for taking on this role in such a critical time.   Being President of our association during the final stages of health reform implementation as well as the upcoming  Presidential Election is an enormous task. I look forward to working with our new state and local boards again this year to proceed with our strategic plan of becoming the major resource of information for agents and brokers in our state.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as the Executive Director of this association for the past 16 years,  and I look forward to seeing what lies ahead in the months to come with the many decisions to be made by so many people regarding health reform. Our members can rest assured that our association will continue to fight for the role of the agent in this marketplace. If you are a current member, we thank you for your continued support. If you are considering joining, we encourage you to speak with our current members and learn what NAHU has done for them and their careers.

Paige Phillips

AAHU Executive Director



When I first took over the gavel from Chad Gay as President in the spring of 2014 at our convention in Gulf Shores, I knew I would have big shoes to fill.  Our association had really prospered and grown under Chad’s leadership.  Now it is my turn to help our Executive Director, Paige Phillips guide the ship for the next two years.

I have always been fascinated with Healthcare; its delivery systems, its funding mechanisms, its efficiencies, and its inefficiencies and most importantly the way that it touches every American life. 

The way I see the issue of Healthcare Reform is this; one side sees Healthcare as a right, while the other side sees it as a personal responsibility.  Here in lies the rub.  No issue creates more political passion, anxiety, and downright fear than the issue of Healthcare Reform.

While I share the desire for every American to have quality Healthcare, I believe that the private sector, not the government, is best positioned to deliver it.  The reality is we will never have a Healthcare System that is based exclusively in the private sector nor the public sector.

Our Healthcare system will always be a Hybrid system that is primarily delivered by the private sector, yet, governed and regulated by a Federal Government that continues to increase its power and influence over the lives of all Americans in ways that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. And that, my friends, is the very reason we have a National Association of Health Underwriters and its state affiliates.  I can honestly say I have never been more proud to serve as President and be a long time member of any other organization as I have been to be part NAHU, and AAHU.

NAHU has so much passion for the issue of Healthcare, yet is always measured and factual in its research and information.  It is truly an organization of professionals.  NAHU seeks to preserve and protect the role of the Independent Insurance Agent through private sector solutions in the delivery and funding of healthcare.  NAHU stands strong and tall in Washington D.C. to help preserve the rights of every individual to choose their healthcare plan, their Physician, and their freedoms.  I might add that this is a very difficult time for any organization to stand strong or tall in Washington D.C. when you are supporting an issue that is deemed traditional or conservative.  But regardless NAHU keeps working away day and night so that we in the Insurance Industry can have a voice and be heard.  This is something I am extremely proud of.

We now have some real momentum in both the Mobile and Huntsville AAHU Chapters for the first time in recent years.  Marie Lackey will be taking on the role as President in our South Alabama Chapter and Tom Younger will continue his great efforts in leading our North Alabama Chapter again this year.  Robert Goodman has done a great job leading the charge in Birmingham, and  Stan Sherlin will again step up to the plate and serve as Montgomery President.

At the State level I must thank Paige Phillips, Robert Goodman, and Chad Gay for continuing to fight for our worthy cause As always Paige Phillips continues to tirelessly pour into our organization by traveling to each Chapter to speak and give updates, recruiting and retention, or whatever the job calls for.  Paige also served this past year as the NAHU Membership Manager for the entire county  which is not an easy task and will take over the  as NAHU Membership Chair in 2016 serving on the National Board of Trustees.   Chad Gay continues to be involved as our AAHU Legislative Chair and is deeply engaged with our state politicians, federal politicians, as well as the state Dept of Insurance to help us all better navigate an ever changing landscape. With all of these leaders in place AAHU will truly be a “Force of the Future”

The King v Burwell case pending the Supreme Court on the issue of Healthcare Reform will continue to be front page news.  I can’t wait to see how they rule on the issue of subsidies for those who purchased Healthcare through Federal exchanges.  We should all know the outcome in June as oral arguments have been completed.

For the past 56 years, AAHU has hosted an annual conference, a true testament to the loyalty and dedication of our members, and we sincerely thank every one of you for your membership! We have an outstanding slate of speakers lined up for this year’s convention, so sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.  It is truly an exciting time to be alive and in the Healthcare industry!

“The Power of the Past and Force of the Future”


Todd A. Boozer

AAHU President 2014-2016

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